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The area around Houston, Texas, is rapidly expanding, and many businesses need trustworthy janitorial services to impress employees, partners, and clients. Kunal Puri has created a name for himself with Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. He leads one of the region's most prominent janitorial service companies, delivering excellent cleaning services to numerous organizations across numerous industries. Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has earned one of the industry's gold standards by always putting the client first.

Kunal moved his family from India to Texas, hoping for a better life. Despite his need to better support his family, he was always focused on his clients. He believed he had skills that could help people in Texas, so he founded Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. He looked at the industry and thought there had to be a better approach. He reinvented the strategy, worked with the proper people, and advertised his brand with integrity.

He has employed industry leaders to help hospitals, surgery centers, and mobile offices. He hired talented employees and let them drive the company to new heights. A team led by Marcelo Sautu and Victor Gonzalez helped build the company to where it is currently. This dedication allowed Puri to expand Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services to a $25 million firm.